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FREGAT CROSSING LED Street LED luminaires for crosswalks


FREGAT CROSSING LED is a special version of street luminaires FREGAT LED, designed for illumination of crosswalks. The unique optical system enhances contrast and vertical illuminance, that allows a driver to see pedestrians from a greater distance, and to respond to changes of road conditions in advance.

Overview / Models list



Post top or side entry mounting ∅ 48/60.


Housing and universal adjustable mounting fixture made of die-cast aluminum. A driver is installed inside the housing.

Optical part

Complex group optics with special light distribution for crosswalks with right-hand traffic. Diffuser is made of tempered glass. LED type: SMD.


  • Transportation


  • 230
  • I
  • IP66
  • Clm App1

Models list

Title Light flux Power Capability lm/W Diameter Height Weight Article no.
FREGAT CROSSING LED 55 (R) 5000K 5600 lm 55 W 102 722 mm 91 mm 10.700 kg 1426000070
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Fregat Crossing LED 55 (L) 5000K 5500 lm 55 W 100 lm/W 0 mm 0 mm 10.500 kg 1426000150
Fregat Crossing LED 110 (L) 5000K 11000 lm 110 W 100 lm/W 0 mm 0 mm 10.500 kg 1426000050
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