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TELEMANDO Emergency lighting remote testing and control device


TELEMANDO device for remote control and testing of emergency lighting. During testing, emergency mode activation is simulated to check the function of the luminaires and correct any malfunctions. The control functionality consists of disabling the emergency mode when necessary (when the main lighting is off due to nobody being inside, when service is to be performed etc.) to preserve battery charge in the emergency luminaires.



Installed on a DIN rack in the switchboard.


Housing made of a flame-retardant polymer. The TELEMANDO device is equipped with a rechargeable battery (the unit can work during a power outage) and a two-position reset type switch. When the ON button is pressed, the device outputs a 12 V signal to the emergency luminaire to simulate the emergency mode. The OFF position simulates the service mode, i.e. disabling the luminaires in the emergency mode when the power is off during maintenance or service. 12 V voltage is output to the luminaires, switching the luminaires from the emergency mode to the standby mode.


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Telemando /устройство дистанционного тестирования/ 0 lm 0 W No value 0.330 kg 71 mm 91 mm 4501003010

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