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PLC 003 Recessed plaster luminaire


Square-shaped recessed directional luminaire. Plaster housing, white-painted metal armature, matte silicate glass diffuser. Installed in the niches of plasterboard ceilings using mounting clips. The plaster surface can be painted after priming. Completely blends with the interior, creating a certain light effect.



Installed in niches of plasterboard ceilings using mounting clips.


Plaster housing, white-painted metal structural bars, opal PMMA diffuser. The diffuser is inserted into the grooves in the housing .

Optical part

Matte silicate glass diffuser.

Lamp Type



  • Catering facilities
  • Consumer service
  • Cultural and entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Individual houses
  • Mall
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centres


  • 230
  • III
  • IP20
  • Clm App4
  • +5,+35

Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
PLC 003 1 50 W without EG GU5.3 HL 170 mm 170 mm 1538000030
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