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PLATYPUS FHJ/T Directional luminaires with concentrating optics


Uniquely-styled adjustable luminaire with concentrating optics.



Mounted on a three-phase euro-DIN track using an adapter.


Powder coated die-cast aluminum housing with plastic inserts. The control gear is mounted inside the housing. The luminaire housing can be tilted up to 45° from the horizontal.

Optical part

Anodized aluminum reflector with an anti-glare tempered silicate protective glass.

Lamp Type



  • Catering facilities
  • Cultural and entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Mall
  • Shopping Centres


  • 230
  • I
  • IP20
  • NF4
  • +5,+35

Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
PLATYPUS FHJ/T HG70 S D45 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 236 mm 230 mm 1605000030
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PLATYPUS FHJ/T HG70 W D24 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL None mm None mm 1605000220
PLATYPUS FHJ/T HG70 S D24 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 236 mm 230 mm 1605000040
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