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NFB 181 Ground luminaires


Column-type ground luminaire. The choice of light sources and optical part designs allows using the luminaire for landscape or functional/decorative lighting. Installed on the ground or on a surface.



The luminaire shall be installed by the set of anchor bolts (optional).


Housing is made of aluminum, covered with powder paint. A metal plate with control gear is mounted inside the housing.

Optical part

Opal glass diffuser.

Lamp Type



  • Architectural
  • Hotels
  • Individual houses


Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
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NFB 181 S70 black 1 70 W EmCG E27 SL 197 mm 1080 mm 1427000360
NFB 181 F126 black 1 26 W EmCG G24d-3 CFL 197 mm 1080 mm 1427000320
NFB 181 H70 black 1 70 W EmCG E27 MHL 197 mm 1080 mm 1427000330
NFB 181 E100 black 1 100 W without EG E27 IL 197 mm 1080 mm 1427000310

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