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LUX FHB/T Adjustable luminaires with concentrating optics


Track-mounted accent luminaire in an aluminum housing. Rotary optical part for flexibility in light direction (85 degrees from the horizontal and 350 degrees about the axis). Beam angles from narrow (10 degrees) to medium (45 degrees) for creating different light scenes.



Mounted on a three-phase euro-DIN track using an adapter.


Powder coated die-cast aluminum housing with plastic inserts. The control gear is mounted inside the housing. The luminaire housing can be tilted up to 85° from the horizontal.

Optical part

Anodized aluminum reflector with an anti-glare tempered silicate protective glass.

Lamp Type



  • Catering facilities
  • Cultural and entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Hypermarkets-/supermarkets
  • Mall
  • Shopping Centres


  • 230
  • I
  • IP20
  • NF4
  • +5,+35

Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
LUX FHB/T HG70 S D45 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 280 mm 310 mm 1277000020
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LUX FHB/T HG70 B D10 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 280 mm 310 mm 1277000220
LUX FHB/T HG70 B D45 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 0 mm 0 mm 1277001030
LUX FHB/T HG70 B D10 1 70 W EmCG G12 MHL 280 mm 310 mm 1277000210
LUX FHB/T HG70 W D24 HF 1 70 W ECG G12 MHL 280 mm 310 mm 1277000120
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