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HOOP Suspended LED-based luminaire


Pendant luminaire for diffused lighting. The aluminum profile together with the opal PMMA light guide diffuser and the LED cluster located along the circumference of the disc form an evenly lit shape.



Suspended to a ceiling.


Pendant luminaire. Aluminum housing containing the light sources and the diffuser. Mounted on suspensions. The control gear is located in the ceiling cup.

Optical part

Opal diffuser light guide made of PMMA.

Lamp Type



  • Catering facilities
  • Consumer service
  • Cultural and entertainment
  • Hotels
  • Individual houses
  • Mall
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centres


  • 230
  • I
  • IP20
  • Clm App4
  • +5,+35

Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
HOOP 17 3000K 1 17 W Driver LED LED 460 mm 900 mm 1530000010
HOOP 27 3000K 1 27 W Driver LED LED 700 mm 900 mm 1530000020
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