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HBA HB Series luminaires


Pendant industrial luminaire with a plastic housing, smooth reflector, and protective glass. High degree of protection (IP65), high luminous flux. IP23 versions without the protective glass are available. Advantage: grounding not required thanks to Class II electrical protection. A high-pressure discharge lamp up to 400W is used as the light source.



Wire rope suspension. Can be supplied to order with a HB Wire Rope/Curly Hook Mounting Kit (order code 2311000150).


Black polymeric housing with a sealed cable gland. A metal panel with control gear is mounted inside the housing. Safe focal center adjustment is possible by moving the lamp and socket assembly vertically.

Optical part

Smooth anodized aluminum reflector. Can be supplied with a heat-resistant glass. The glass is attached using special clips. Glass weight 2.5 kg.

Lamp Type



Maximum power cable conductor cross-section: 2х2,5 mm2. Maximum power cable conductor cross-section for luminaires with an emergency power supply unit: 3х2,5 mm2.


  • Mall
  • Plants and factories
  • Sport and recreation
  • Warehouse facilities


  • 220
  • 230
  • II
  • IP65
  • IP23
  • Clm App2
  • от -20 до +40

Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
HBA 400H IP65 SET with lamp /E/ 1 400 W EmCG E40 MHL 485 mm 530 mm 1997019940
HBA 500 IP23 SET 1 500 W without EG E40 IL None mm None mm 1311000200

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