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CORVUS NTK 10 Arm-mounted luminaire


Arm-mounted luminaire for street lighting applications like sidewalks, roads, parks, petrol stations, and parking lots. High-quality parts and workmanship together with convenient access to the inside of the housing eliminates problems during installation and operation, and control gear from the leading European manufacturers ensures reliable functioning in any weather conditions



Installation on a bracket or a floor lamp pole is recommended, mounting diameter 48–60 mm.


Powder-painted (RAL 7037) die-cast aluminum housing, cover, and mounting fixture. A quick-detachable metal plate with control gear is mounted inside the housing.

Optical part

Anodized aluminum reflector. Clear tempered convex protective glass.

Lamp Type



  • Plants and factories
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse facilities


Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
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CORVUS NTK 10 S100 1 100 W EmCG E40 SL 560 mm 210 mm 1413000170
CORVUS NTK 10 H70 1 70 W EmCG E27 MHL 560 mm 210 mm 1413000150
CORVUS NTK 10 S150 1 150 W EmCG E40 SL 560 mm 210 mm 1413000190
CORVUS NTK 10 S70 1 70 W EmCG E27 MHL 560 mm 210 mm 1413000200
CORVUS NTK 10 H150 1 150 W EmCG E27 MHL 550 mm 190 mm 1413000180

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