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CONVERSION KIT LED Emergency power unit


Used in LED- or traditional lamp-based in case of a sudden mains power supple failure. Supplied as a kit comprising the following: emergency power supply unit, charge indicator (green LED), Ni-Mg battery, TEST button (for emergency mode operation check, installed inside the box), emergency light LED strip, 'А' sticker (used to identify emergency lights). When ordering luminaires by Lighting Technologies with the emergency lighting solution, specify the luminaire part number followed by EM



Installed in the luminaire housing.


Emergency lighting testing and control are performed from a TELEMANDO device.


  • Mall
  • Offices
  • Parking lots / garages


  • от +0 до +40

Models list

Title Emerg. Work Type Power Capability Emerg. Lights Emerg. Work Time Article no.
EMERGENCY СONVERSION KIT LED K-301 непостоянного действия 0 W - 1 6501000330
EMERGENCY СONVERSION KIT LED K-303 непостоянного действия 0 W - 3 6501000370
EMERGENCY СONVERSION KIT LED K-501 непостоянного действия 0 W - 1 6501000400
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