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ALBATROS NTK 20 Arm-mounted luminaire


Arm-mounted luminaire for the illumination of large areas and open spaces, highways, and high- and medium-traffic roads. The unique layout and design features make it easy to install and use.



Post top or side entry mounting ∅ 48/60.


Powder-coated die-cast aluminum housing, cover, and mounting fixture. A quick-detachable metal plate with control gear is mounted inside the housing.

Optical part

Anodized aluminum reflector. Clear tempered convex protective glass.

Lamp Type



  • Plants and factories
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse facilities


Models list

Title Number of Lamps Power Capability Ballast Socle Lamp Type Diameter Height Article no.
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ALBATROS NTK 20 H400 1 400 W EmCG E40 MHL 800 mm 290 mm 1413000020
ALBATROS NTK 20 250 1 250 W EmCG E40 MHL 800 mm 290 mm 1413000010
ALBATROS NTK 20 S400 1 400 W EmCG E40 SL 800 mm 290 mm 1413000030

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