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Project: Kazan International School

1 July 2015 Category: Компания Author: Maria Popova
Lighting Technologies Lighting Technologies Lighting Technologies Lighting Technologies Lighting Technologies Lighting Technologies
Short site description: This school project was developed by Fielding Nair International, a US-based company with the focus on the educational sector. The facility has high ceilings, and the floors are lined with soft carpet. It features a sports hall, an assembly hall, a dining room, and a modern library. Instead of the traditional rows of school desks, the classrooms are outfitted with semi-round desks and comfortable chairs.

Objective: As the lighting project was developed by an American company, it was necessary to adapt it to Russian standards and provide luminaires that would fit the design concept visually.
As a lighting manufacturer, we understand very well that artificial illumination is critical for creating a comfortable environment for visual workloads. There are other requirements to consider besides the visual comfort, especially where it comes to the educational sector, including illuminance level and distribution, energy efficiency, color rendering, and chromaticity. Our luminaires met all the requirements.

Luminaires used: UNIQUE DL LEDARCTIC 236DS LED, FLAME DR 228 HF and others.

Result: The entire school interior and the adjacent area are illuminated using luminaires made by Lighting Technologies. A small stage in the hall is lit with TRACK/T LED 38 series LED track luminaires. DISCO 25 LED luminaires are used for lobbies. Classroom installations comprise VIGO 228 HF direct/indirect suspended luminaires that provide a comfortable work area lighting and illuminate the acoustic panels from the top as well as wall-mounted OTS 236 HF. The corridors and halls are illuminated with DLF 226 and DLS 226 recess-mounted luminaires, FLAME DR 228 HF + FL 28 direct/indirect suspended luminaires, and MAIA 75 decorative suspended luminaires. Silver-colored GRANDA NBT 18 F226 outdoor luminaires are employed for the entrance area, with black NBR 41 F113 used as step lights.
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